Spiritual Life Ministry

Please contact any of these persons if you have questions or concerns. They will be happy to help in any way they can

Liturgy & Spirituality
The role of the Liturgy & Spirituality Committee is to assess the needs that pertain to the development of the spiritual life of the community.
Spirituality is the spiritual input that nurtures the spiritual life of the Christian, and includes various forms of prayer and liturgy.
As the Committee carries out the Bishop’s guidelines on liturgy, and follows guidelines set down by the Archdiocese and the parish, they hope to provide liturgy that is prayerful and meaningful.
The Committee is composed of the pastor, and all liturgical ministry chairpersons.

Liturgy Planning:
The Liturgy Planning Committee meets on a regular basis. The Liturgy chairperson and men, women, and youth of the parish have the function of planning the parish Sunday and Holy Day liturgies, and other liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

Lectors: Sandy Meyer - (812) 663-2026
The Lectors are men and women who proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture during Mass and who witness to the faith by proclaiming God's word at liturgical assemblies. Special training is neccessary to perform this ministry well.

Eucharistic Ministers: Deb Greiwe
They are chosen men, women and youth (junior and senior), who are entrusted with administering the Eucharist, and taking communion to the sick. A special Orientation Program is conducted for all new Eucharistic Ministers.

The Servers’ Program is open to any St. Mary’s boy or girl from 5th grad through 12th grade. Permission of parents or guardian is requested, and faithful commitment to their responsibility is expected.

Ushers: Al Blankman
They are the official hosts of the parish community. Their crucial function is welcoming and hosting at all weekend masses, and other liturgical events. This ministry is open to men, women, and youth (junior and seniors).

These men and women have the important task of greeting all persons as they enter the church at all weekend masses. This ministry is open to men, women, and youth (junior and seniors).

Art/Environment: Laura Jo Tebbe, Diane Novak
Through the constant vigilance of these people, the church and other areas (sacristies and sanctuary) are carefully cleaned and kept in order.

Pastoral Council Rep: Dick Glaser
This person attends Pastoral Council meetings and informs this group of any important events or changes discussed or proposed by the Liturgy & Spirituality Committee.

Communication Ministry: Tina Kramer
This personal designs our parish Weekly Bulletin & Parish Newsletter along with all the advertising ab publicity