Faith Formation Commission

The Educational Mission Statement
St. Mary’s Parish, Greensburg, Indiana

The educational mission of St. Mary’s Parish, Greensburg, Indiana is to promote Total Catholic Education to all youth, young adults, and adults of the parish through proclaiming the message, building community, engaging in service and fostering prayer and worship.

To achieve this end, St. Mary’s Parish will:

  • Maintain a Catholic school and religious education programs for our children
  • Promote young adult and adult religious education
  • Provide a secure future for these programs through sound financial backing and Stewardship

Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission consists of six representatives, the pastor, and the Director of Religious Education of St. Mary’s Parish. The functions of the Commission are:

  • To determine goals and objectives for Catholic Education within its responsibilities.
  • To formulate policies that will guide the administrator in working toward the goals and objectives.
  • To review the rules and decisions made by the administrator in implementing policies.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the policy decisions in achieving the goals and objectives.


Some ministries that Faith Formation monitors along with the DRE are:

  • RCIA
  • Adult Catechetical Team
  • parish missions
  • speakers
  • faith sharing groups
  • bible studies
  • concerts
  • Religious Education for adults and children
  • Sacrament preparation
  • Bereavement
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Evangelization
  • Prayer groups

Current Members

Jill McLaughlin – Chairperson
Kara Scheidler – Vice-chairperson
Amber Burkhart – Secretary
Wendy Noah – Membership Chair
Spencer Burkert – Marketing Chair
Paul Greiwe – Monitoring Chair
Anita Navarra – Pastoral Associate/Administrative Officer
Megan Gehrich – Youth Minister/CRE/Member at large