Baptismal Preparation

Ministry, Commission,
Committee or Service name:  Baptismal Preparation
Chair or Point of Contact:       Anita Navarra;  812-663-8427  EXT 204
Reporting Structure:                Pastoral Assocuate
Mission or Purpose:                To Help parents understand the tradition and importance of
the Sacrament of Baptism.
Functions, Duties Activities:   Preparers meet with parents to reflect on the Sacrament of
Baptism and the responsibilities of parents and Godparents to the faith formation of the child.
Membership:   Volunteer        How Many Members?:            No limit
Term of membership:              n/a
How often are meetings?:       1st Tuesday of each month.  Preparers alternate scheduled
meetings with parents.
When are new officers installed?:       n/a
Are outside volunteers sought for projects or activities?:       No
Immediate need for volunteers?:         No immediate need.  Interested parties are welcome.