Faith Formation Commission

Ministry, Commission,
Committee or Service name:  Faith Formation Commission
Chair or Point of Contact:       Monty Shields;  812-593-1816
Reporting Structure:                D.R.E (Anita Navarra)
Mission or Purpose:                Promote Catholic faith formation in our community.
Functions, Duties Activities:   We use the Choosing Pathways tool to seek ways to improve
faith formation in the various groups of our parish family.  We also provide the following:  support to catechists; review safety plan; facilitate mentor/mentee program for new catechists; review/revise commission policy manual; contact local school administrators regarding Wednesday sports and religious education; maintain and update F.F.C brochure; prepare for parish elections each May; research and distribute information regarding area retreats for catechists.
Membership:   Elected (1); Appointed (1)    How Many Members?:            6 + 2 ex-officio
Term of membership:              3 year terms (2 terms maximum)
How often are meetings?:       Monthly on 3rd Tuesday
When are new officers installed?:       August
Are outside volunteers sought for projects or activities?:       Yes
Special projects or ad-hoc committees.
Immediate need for volunteers?:         No