Liturgy Planning Committee

Ministry, Commission,
Committee or Service name:  Liturgy Planning Committee
Chair or Point of Contact:       Paul Pank;  812-525-4954
Reporting Structure:                Director of Liturgy
Mission or Purpose:                Coordinate Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Musicians, Servers
and Ushers for Parish services.  Maintain the Sacristy and Vestry and coordinate decorating for services.
Functions, Duties Activities:   Train, monitor and schedule lay ministries as well as
maintaining the Church environment for Parish Masses and Services.
Membership:   Appointed by Director of Liturgy   How Many Members?:            6
Term of membership:              n/a
How often are meetings?:       Every other month
When are new officers installed?:       n/a
Are outside volunteers sought for projects or activities?:       No
Immediate need for volunteers?:         No