Ministry, Commission,
Committee or Service name:  Stewardship
Chair or Point of Contact:       Linda Weigel;  812-614-1776
Reporting Structure:                Parish Priest (Fr. John) and Pastoral Council
Mission or Purpose:                To oversee, implement and monitor all stewardship activities of
the parish. Coordinate with parish leadership and ministries as appropriate.
Functions, Duties Activities:   Provide education, leadership, ideas and guidance for primary
stewardship processes throughout the parish.  We support all parish activities and church cleaning committee.  We prepare the following for the bulletin: weekly stewardship information as it pertains to Mass; recognition of parish volunteers; promote the giving ot time, talent & treasure.
Membership:   Volunteer and Appointment by Parish Priest
How Many Members?:            4-7       Term of membership:              No limit
How often are meetings?:       Monthly (except July and December
When are new officers installed?:       June each year
Are outside volunteers sought for projects or activities?:       No
Immediate need for volunteers?:         Yes.  Need fundraising and volunteers for Food for the
Poor and Adopt-a-Village in Honduras.