Religious Education of Children

Ministry, Commission,
Committee or Service name:  Religious Education of Children

Chair or Point of Contact:       Megan Gehrich; 812-663-8427 ext. 206

Reporting Structure:                D.R.E.

Mission or Purpose:                Serve the youth of St, Mary’s through religious education and
catechesis of the Catholic faith.
Functions, Duties Activities:   Provide catechesis on Wednesday and Sunday evenings during
the school year.

Membership:   Voluteer          How Many Members?:            26-30
Term of membership:              1 year plus
How often are meetings?:       Once a week during school year
When are new officers installed?:       July/August
Are outside volunteers sought for projects or activities?:       Yes
Provide snacks, serve as substitutes; help for special events.
Immediate need for volunteers?:         Yes;  Provide snacks, serve as substitutes; hall monitors.